Personal Essays


This section is for new personal essays. Forthcoming: an essay for Drunken Boat, helmed by the formidable Lily Hoang. 

I’m writing a short piece about the Pakistan-Bangladesh independence war through the lens of relatives, in part. I’m trying to review how little I knew and understood (I’d written a piece for my college magazine on diversity and cultural issues, found eleven years later in a box) about these stories, and in turn, the development of a more radical aesthetic emerging out of dislocation, alienation. The usual.

Most recently, I wrote this essay, Error, Redacted for the New Haven Review. I met editor Brian Slattery in 2010 in brisk New Haven. I read fiction for the journal and promised him an essay, down the line.

You can read that essay in this Scribd widget below, which gives the nifty option for downloading. There’s also a much more visually pleasing upload here at ISSUU with the real fancy-like flipping pages and such, if you fancy the fancy … Writing about oneself is hard, but I’m working on it!