Words with Friends

2020-2021 Lead Writer, in collaboration with Team Rolfes, for Unsound Festival. Khan wrote the character and story of Drumpilled, a virtual character and Vlogger who covers the sounds and sights of the festival.

2018 A Wild Ass Beyond: ApocalypseRN, Performance Space, New York, was a show, a tiny house, and a film, all in an installation created in a collaboration between Sondra Perry, Nora Khan, American Artist, and Caitlin Cherry. In terms of words, there is the film of the four traveling to Texas, where the world’s biggest tiny house festival takes place, and talking in the former home of Current Museum in New York. They talk through the ideas of surviving apocalypse, Silicon Valley’s violent ideological foundations, radical pedagogy, fugitivity, and making art at the end of the world, among many other things. Khan wrote the framing prose of A Wild-Ass Beyond, beginning “In the event of disaster …” and this essay, A Wild Ass Beyond, which captures the story of the project.

2017 “Use Function,” fiction written for an audiovisual performance in collaboration with Tuomas Laitinen for his Thermoscene at Sinne Gallery, with music accompanied by Biitsi, in Helsinki, Finland. Thermoscene Event #1.

2016 “Space Between,” a libretto script about the history of fiber-optic technology and networked communication, for opera performance by Bill Kouligas and Spiros Hadjidjanos, performed at Hören: DECESSION at Berlin’s Volksbühne Theater on April 30, 2016. Second performance at Munich Kammerspiele in 2017.

2016Commons,” fictional piece on the psychology of Silicon Valley office spaces, commissioned for Chisenhale Gallery, London, in support of and response to Yuri Pattison’s User, Space exhibition.

2016Rapture,” for Jeremy Shaw, a piece of fiction in response to Shaw’s “Towards Universal Pattern Recognition,” exhibition at König Galerie, Berlin.

2016 Catalog for the 2016 Queens International, Queens Museum.

2016 Critical-fiction texts for Formats, curated by Ryan Kuo, with artists Anne Callahan, Alex Auriema, Anne Macmillan, Ryan Kuo, and Jackie Wang. Industry Lab, Cambridge.

2015 “Futures Along the Blockchain,” a Rhizome commission and collaboration with The Actual School, DeForrest Brown, Jr., and Lars Holdhus. Authored a history of cryptocurrency and a speculative case on applying blockchain technology to issues of digital art and music distribution, which served as base for an open, ongoing site with an annotation layer. “Futures” launched at Blockchain Horizons, held at New Museum, October 2015.

2015 Commissioned gallery text for Juliette Bonneviot,  XenoEstrogens, Autocenter Berlin, and Looks Group Show, ICA London, March 2015

2014Faulty Inventory Control,” co-written with Deforrest Brown, Jr. and Lars Holdhus, AVANT.

2014 “Free Traveller,” short fiction for Yuri Pattison, Free Traveller, Cell Project Space, London.

2014 “Joan of Arc,” short fiction written for Sixth Sense Group Show, curated by Anna Sagström & Matilda Tjäder, Minibar Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.

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