Words out Loud

Lectures, Talks, Moderation

2023 Hammer Museum, Cyberfeminism Index: Nora Khan, Lauren Lee McCarthy & Mindy Seu

2022 Guggenheim Museum, In Conversation with Artist WangShui on Certainty of the Flesh

2021 Moderator, Bloomberg Art + Technology Series 4, Episodes 4 – 8

2020-2021 Digital Earth Talks, Lead and Moderator. Leading 6+ moderated discussions between the international fellows of Digital Earth and invited scholars, beginning with Lukáš Likavčan.

2021 Guest Speaker and Critic, Cranbrook Critical Lecture Series.

2020The Artificial and the Real,” Book and Research Talk, ICA Miami.

2020 “Simulation Politics: Persuasion and Possibility,” a three-day seminar I led as Fall Faculty member at Art and Research Center, ICA Miami. Joined faculty with Alexander Galloway, Jonathan Beller, Sean Snyder and Olga Bryukhovetska.

2020Remote Learning,” guest on New Models podcast, in conversation with New Models founders Caroline Busta, Lil’ Internet, Daniel Keller.

2020 Book Launch for Kenric McDowell, on the publication of their Pharmako-AI , co-written with GPT-3, through Ignota Books.

2020 Aesthetics of New AI, panel discussion held by Creative AI Lab, Serpentine Galleries, with Murad Khan, and Joanna Zylinska. Invited by Eva Jäger, Assistant Digital Curator and Leif Weatherby, NYU.

2020 In Conversation with Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Forensic Architecture, as part of Sheltering Places, curated by Martina Cavalot, New Centre for Research and Social Practice.

2020 Visitor to Prem Krishnamurthy’s Klasse Digitale Grafik, HFBK.

2020 “A Conversation on Art, Science, Technology, and Industry,” Modern Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, with Kenric McDowell (Google AMI), Victoria Ivanovna (Serpentine Galleries), Elvia Wilk, and Kei Kreutler, moderated by Aslak Aamot and Lars Bang Larsen, Curator.

2020 Conversation with Tabitha Soren, Surface Tension, Transformer Station, Cleveland, Ohio.

2020 In Conversation with Ryan Kuo and Stephanie Dinkins, Transfer Gallery, LosAngeles, California.

2020 Manual Override: In Conversation with Sondra Perry and Morehshin Allahyari, The Shed, New York City, NY.

2019 Duke University, Incomputable Futures: A Symposium on Representation, Computation, and Experimental Scholarship, Lecture.

2019 Mourning Money: UKK Artists’ Symposium with artist Jesse Darling and Patricia Reed, in Aarhus, Denmark. Lecture.

2019 “On Beekeeping,” on the launch of artist Pierre Huyghe, Exomind, at MICAS, Malta International Contemporary Art Space, in Malta. Moderated by Rebecca Lewin and Hans Ulrich Obrist. MICAS Art Talks.

2019 RISD Graphic Design Lecture Series, Providence, RI.

2019 Panel, Westworlds, with Khalil Johnson (Professor, Wesleyan University) and Joshua Reid (University of Washington) on Images of the West in Contemporary Video Games, Western History Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

2018 Beyond the Body/Mind Division, Neuroscience, Technology, Spirituality, Prelude to The Shed, Conversation with Laurie Anderson and Tino Sehgal, moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Dorothea von Hantelmann.

2018 CORE, Museum of Fine Arts-Houston, CORE Postgraduate Fellows Program, Lecture.

2018 E-State Realisms, Conversation with Emer Grant and Max Wolff, Red Bull Arts Curator, at ArtCenter South Florida, Miami. 

2018 In Conversation with Ian Cheng and Ben Vickers, Serpentine Galleries, London. On occasion of Ian Cheng’s Emissaries exhibition at Serpentine.

2018 “Refiguring The Future,” respondent to an internal session on Transfeminist AI at NetGain Partnership Conference, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

2018 Reconquer Interfaces: Scaling up to the Sublime, in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, DLD Conference, Munich, Germany. Talk on VR and AR in artistic practice.

2018 Emergency Readings, at ICP Museum, reading “Simulating Control.” Alongside Morehshin Allahyari, Christopher Clary, American Artist, Alison Parrish, Shiv Kotecha.

2018 How To Be Seen, at Vision and Technology: Toward a More Just Future, ICP and Eyebeam, New York, NY, in conversation with Stephanie Dinkins, American Artist, and Tonia B***.

2018 In Conversation with Harm van den Dorpel, Cultural Matter Series, LIMA Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL. On exhibition and archiving of Delinear.info.

2017 The Future of Creativity, as part of No Commission: Miami, Miami, FL, in conversation with Kimberly Drew, Virgil Abloh, Swizz Beatz, and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge.

2017 Artist Talk, and presentation of Fear-Indexing the X-Files, with Steven Warwick, LAMPO, Chicago, IL.

2017 Gender and Imaging in the Online Realm, at Fotofocus: Photography, Feminism, Politics, Second Century Symposium, Cincinnati, Ohio. Moderated by Kate Palmer Albers with Natalie Bookchin.

2017 Fear Indexing the X-Files, Book Launch at Printed Matter, in conversation with Alexander Iadarola and Steven Warwick.

2017 Heather Dewey-Hagborg & Chelsea Manning: A Becoming Resemblance, with Christiane Paul and Heather Dewey-Hagborg at Fridman Gallery, New York,NY.

2017 Chatbot Laureate, Triple Canopy, New York, NY. With novelists Alexandra Kleeman and Lucy Ives, on the poetic potential within dumb machines, for the launch of The Amme Talks by Ulf Stolterfoht. Video Documentation

2017 Technology Now: Automated Emotions, ICA, London. With Erica Scourti andOreet Ashery.

2017 The Alien Middle, Transmediale Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.With Josh Berson, Orit Halpern, Chris Salter, Matteo Pasquinelli, and Sascha Pohflepp.

2017 Dulling Down – The Obsolescence of Intelligence, Transmediale Festival, Haus derKulturen der Welt, Berlin. Talk and conversation with artists Constant Dullaart and Adam Harvey.

2017 Fear Indexing the X-Files, CTM Festival, Berlin. Performance and reading of book with Steven Warwick.

2016 Fed Up! On Social Media and Democracy, Eyebeam, New York, NY. With Mike Rugnetta, Margarita Noriega, Caroline Sinders, Mushon Zer-Aviv.

2016 Launch of 3D Additivist Cookbook, by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke, Printed Matter, New York, NY, along with Paul Soulellis.

2015 Åzone Summit at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY. DIAKRON moderated panel with Rob Giampietro, Marina Otero (Het Nieuwe Instituut), and Marvin Jordan (DIS).

2015 onedotzero launch of After Us, Protein Studios, London, Khan reading of “Towards a Poetics of Artificial Superintelligence.”

2015 Panel at Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA, with Jackie Wang, Lily Hoang, Michael Stewart and Annie Won to launch anthology, The Force of What’s Possible: Writers on Accessibility and the Avant- Garde, published by Nightboat Books.

2015 Tech & Ethics Salon at EMW Bookstore, Cambridge, MA, with writers and performers Christine An and Jackie Wang.

Visiting Critic and Judge

2023 Jury, Prix Ars Electronica, Artificial Intelligence and Life Art

2022 LACE, Lightning Fund Artist Grant

2021 Reviewer, Creative Capital Award

2018 – 2021 Invited Guest Critic in Final Critiques of Rhode Island School of Design in BFA, Graphic Design (Paul Soulellis), Sonic Practices (Digital + Media), Computational Media (Clement Valla), Sculpture MFA , MFA in Graphic Design.

2020 Jury, Eyebeam Rapid Response Open Call. NYT Coverage.

2019 Guest Critic, CORE Residency, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

2019 Carnegie Mellon: MFA Capstone Critic, CMU School of Art. Guest with Carin Kuoni of Vera List Center, New School.  

2018 Judge, The Shed Open Call Commissioning Program, to elect winners for a showcase for local and emerging artists at the beginning of their careers.

2018 “Refiguring The Future,” NetGain Partnership Conference, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Invited to work as the critical respondent to an internal session on Transfeminist AI, run by Sasha Constanza-Chock (MIT) and Joana Varon (Code Liberation).

2017 Invited graduate thesis defense critic by Guvenc Ozel, professor at UCLA, principal of Ozel Office, and Technology Director of IDEAS Campus. Critiqued the MFA Design Students’ final show, a masters design studio. Students presented their plans for hypothetical 3D-printed, sustainable habitats on Mars. Discussed potential of simulations, imagined alternative design for better social and mental health.

2017 Visiting Critic at the Chanorth Artist Residency in Pine Plains, New York.

2016 Visiting Critic, Mason Gross School of the Arts, for the MFA in Visual Art Students’ Final Review and Reveal ofThesis Projects.

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