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2022-2024 Co-Curator of the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement with Andrea Bellini 2023, produced by Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève. The artists include Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Alfatih, American Artist, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Sheila Chukwulozie, Formafantasma, Aziz Hazara, Interspecifics, Lawrence Lek, Shuang Li, Diego Marcon, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Sahej Rahal, Jenna Sutela, and Emmanuel Van der Auwera. Original announcement here.

2022 Co-Curator, with Maya Indira Ganesh, of AI Anarchies, “Experiments in Study, Collective Learning and Unlearning,” a school, a conference, and a gathering over a week in Berlin at Akademie der Künste around the concept of an ‘anarchic AI.’ Speakers included Hito Steyerl, Heba Amin, Laura Forlano, Jackie Wang, Tiara Roxanne, Johanna Hedva, and gathered fellows from all over the world for a rich seven days of debate and workshops.

2019-2020 Curator of Manual Override at The Shed, New York, NY, a group exhibition focused on artists critiquing emerging technologies, featuring Sondra Perry, Simon Fujiwara, Morehshin Allahyari, Martine Syms, and Lynn Hershman Leeson. Coverage in Vogue, the New York Times, a beautiful review of the exhibition by critic Aruna D’Souza in 4Columns, and the Wall Street Journal.

2018 Identity, A Salon at the Current Museum of Art, New York, NY. Curated works by Snow Yunxue Fu, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Jacolby Satterwhite, Hyphen-Labs, Meriem Bennani, Ryan Kuo, Tabita Rezaire, and Ann Hirsch, launched with discussion between Pastiche Lumumba and Yasaman Sheri.

2018 Process Park, Pine Plains, NY. Co-director with curator Joel Kuennen of four week residency housed at chaNorth Artist Residency. Format drew on recent histories of alternative approaches to artistic research, outside academy; artist residents were to practice “process-oriented approaches to art-making.”

2017-2018 In Conversation, Eyebeam. Opening: In Conversation: Michael Connor, Kenric McDowell, and Nora Khan, on how technology can engineer environments and communities in which radical conceptual shifts are made possible. In the second, In Conversation: Paul Soulellis and Allison Parrish, Sam Hart joined me to discuss procedural writing and narrative, the poetic potential of programming languages, and the relationship between digital publishing and bots, with Soulellis and Parrish.

2017 Trust and Believe, Eyebeam, New York, NY. Trust and Believe was a symposium of performances, readings, and conversations bringing together artists, poets, programmers, and designers to investigate emerging AI through the lens of conversational and narrative design. Through discussions, short talks, poetry readings, and a bot-making workshop demo, attendees were invited to consider how we are shaped by AI conversation and conversationalists, and highly-engineered and procedural digital language.

2016 Together in Electric Dreams at Open Score, New Museum, New York, NY. Produced and moderated anchor session on the present and future of artificial intelligence within Open Score, an art and technology symposium. Panelists included Sondra Perry, Ian Cheng, Katherine Cross, and Patricia Reed.

2016 Quiet Strategies for Survival, collection of pieces I curated for Harm van den Dorpel’s Left Gallery, featuring the works of Ryan Kuo, Alexis Anais Avedisian, and shawné michaelain holloway.

2016 California Imaginary, Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA. Group show investigating role California plays in our cultural imaginary. Featuring artists Yoko Honda (Japan), Jaakko Pallasvuo and MSL (Finland), Marguerite Kalhor (CA), Ryan Kuo (MA), Matt Legrand (MA), Jennifer Remenchik (CA), Hirad Sab (Iran), Mark Sabb (CA), Alec Sturgis (NC), and Anna Zett (Germany).

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