Words in Journals

2021 “Schooling Assembly,” in Prospections, journal of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst.

2021 “Automatic Writing,” in Artforum. A review of Deep Scroll by Anne de Vries.

2021 “On the Necessary Labor of Thinking With, in DEEM Journal, Vol. 2.

2021 “Schooling Assembly,” in How to Assemble Now, BAK. Forthcoming.

2020 “Mind Goes Where Eyes Can’t Follow: Internalizing the Logics of Capture,” published in Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory, and MONDAY Art Journal.

2020 “Dark Study: Within, Below, Alongside,” in MARCH: A Journal of Art and Strategy.

2020Second Readings,” TANK Magazine.

2019 Moving Target: On Gretchen Bender, So Much Deathless, in Art in America.

2019 Machine Séance: On Kevin Beasley at the Whitney, Art in America.

2018Frame, Frame, Frame,” On Tony Conrad’s Retrospective at Albright Knox Galleries in Buffalo, Flash Art. Cover Story.

2018The Possibility of a Field” in queer.archive.work, published by Paul Soulellis.

2018 A Wild Ass Beyond: ApocalypseRN zine made in collaboration with Caitlin Cherry, Sondra Perry, and American Artist.

2018Lil’ Miquela Shows Us The Future of Fame,” Garage Magazine.

2018Silicon Valley Thinks Politics Doesn’t Exist,” Interview by Khan with Stanford professor Fred Turner, in 032 c. Originally published in 7×7 Magazine, “What’s To Be Done?”

2018 “I Need It To Forgive Me,” Glass Bead.

2017 “No Safe Mode: Sondra Perry’s Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation,” Flash Art, Cover Story.

2017 “Light Play: Twisting Reality and Deepening Narrative through Augmentation,Mousse 60. Artists interviewed and featured include Meriem Bennani, Martine Syms, and Ian Cheng.

2017 “Soda Plains: In Tongues,” 4Columns.

2016Get Free: Music and Gender at MoMA PS1,” Art in America.

2016Defend and Protect,” California Sunday Magazine.

2016Family Function: Harm van den Dorpel’s Algorithmic Art,” Art in America.

2016 “Witch King Hours,” Spike Art Quarterly 52.

2016Trust Issues: Ian Cheng’s App Resists Digital Smoothness,” Rhizome

2016What’s in a Rave?” POSTmatter. Artists featured include designer David Rudnick, and experimental musicians Evian Christ and Lee Gamble.

2016Scaling Up to the Sublime,” aCCeSsions, Bard CCS.

2016Meriem Bennani’s iPhone-Video Collage Mesmerizes at MoMA PS1,” Village Voice

2016 “Casey Reas’s Disconcerting Software Paintings,” Village Voice

2016Bent Before a Screen and Dreaming,” Randian. Translated into Chinese by Gu Ling.

2015 Towards a Poetics of Artificial Superintelligence,” After Us. Translated into German by Natalie Schütze. Translated into Spanish by Giancarlo Sandoval. Translated into Thai.

2015Business Fish, or, Emotion Under Late Capitalism,” Rhizome.

2015Games are a Faith-based Pursuit: A conversation with Jenn Frank,Rhizome

2015Managing Boundaries with your Intelligent Personal Agent,” Rhizome

2015Simulation as Institutional Critique: Lawrence Lek’s ‘Unreal Estate’,Rhizome

2015 “Flocking Behavior: TCF’s music of the boids,” with Laura Greig and Alexander Iadarola, Rhizome. Featuring 85 CE 86 EE 4 B B1 72 9 B 0 A AD 15 46 47 33 2 C 30 by artist TCF.

2015Making the Speculative Case for Music Along the Blockchain,” with Nick James Scavo, Rhizome

2014Meditating at the Piteous Gate,” with Alexander Iadarola, DIS Magazine.

2014Contagion! James Hoff’s infected media” with DeForrest Brown, Jr., for Rhizome

2014Wavelength: Modular Youth, A Speculative Playlist,” with DeForrest Brown, Jr., for Rhizome

2014The violent, lonely minds of Grand Theft Auto V,” Kill Screen.

2014Dealing With Urban Decay,” Kill Screen

2014Beyond: Two Souls wants to be more than a videogame, but it’s much less,” Kill Screen

2014South Park: The Stick of Truth is about the absurdity of being a ‘gamer’,” Kill Screen

2013 “Cardinal,” published in Conjunctions: 61, themed A MenagerieCoedited by Benjamin Hale & Bradford Morrow. As of July 2014, issue is available for digital download through Open Road media.

2013 “Wind Waker, GTA V, and the beauty of the videogame selfie,” Kill Screen.

2013 “The Talking Dead,” Kill Screen

2013 “Shadowrun Returns Jacks Us Into-And out of- the Matrix,” Kill Screen

2012 “Talking, Thinking, Believing,” Kill Screen, Issue Three, The Intimacy Issue (Print).

2011 Gunn, First published online at American Literary Review, as runner up in ALR’s 2010 Fiction Contest. Featured on Longform Fiction.

2011 “Isolation Chambers,” Kill Screen.

2009 “Like a Boss,” Kill Screen, Issue One, The No Fun Issue (Print).

2009Black,” WebConjunctions, online home of Conjunctions.

2008 The Quarry, Published in Hunger Mountain. Winner of Howard Frank Mosher Fiction Prize.

2005 One, a novel. Archives of Harvard University Libraries.

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