Beautiful uncanny objects from Ian Cheng’s Something Thinking of You, live simulation, 2015

We had to give an interim report at Eyebeam about our works and happenings since the start of our residency. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to since September.

Upcoming: lecturing at UCLA and NYU; publication of Fear Indexing the X-Files with James Hoff’s Primary Information press; contributing texts to artists’ exhibitions in the Venice Biennale, an essay for Glass Bead Journal, and many other things I am definitely forgetting. Panels from Transmediale and performance documentation from CTM will go up soon 🙂


I wrote a series of fiction pieces for Katja Novitskova’s artist book Dawn Mission published by Mousse, in conjunction with the exhibition Katja Novitskova – Dawn Mission at Kunstverein in Hamburg (April – July). This past fall, the book was included alongside Novitskova’s first solo show at Greene Naftali Gallery.

Essays and Reviews:

Defend and Protect in Sound Issue of California Sunday Magazine: part-investigative, part-narrative essay about the production of long-range acoustic hailing devices used by police departments during protests. I went out to the San Diego foothills to interview leads and engineers at LRAD Corporation, the top producer of these devices. I also interviewed acoustic researchers and audiologists, and graduate student-activists at UCLA who’ve expressed deep concern over the device’s entry into policing on campus as the new front of the militarization of public space.

What’s In a Rave? in POSTMatter journal: an essay about the resurgence of iconography of ‘90s U.K. rave culture as experienced through online archives, woven in with interviews of musicians Evian Christ and Lee Gamble.

“Toward a Poetics of ASI,” first published in After Us, was translated into German for reprinting in the exhibition catalog for Alien Matter, a special exhibition curated by Inke Arnes, at Transmediale. It will be available at the exhibition close in March. Also to be reprinted in “The World Without Us,” catalog alongside the exhibition of the same name, featuring Yuri Pattison, Mark Leckey, Morehshin Allahyari, and more, at HMKV in March.

Reviewed for the Village Voice: Casey Reas’s solo show There’s No Distance at Bitforms Gallery.

Reviewed Meriem Bennani’s Fly for the Voice, as well.

Scaling Up to the Sublime, a piece on the ethical space and training potential with simulations and other digital worlds, as part of aCCeSsions, Issue Two, The Overview Effect. Other contributors include Alexander Provan, Denise Ferreira da Silva, and Laboria Cuboniks.

EventsI’m not masochistic enough to watch any of these videos myself, but feel free to! Blech 

November 2016: New Ways to See: Digital Art Criticism Now: Spoke at the Whitney about Ian Cheng’s live simulations and then took part in a discussion with Christiane Paul, artists Clement Valla and Ian Cheng, moderated by Brian Droitcour. Link to Stream

December 2016: At New Museum, helped produce and moderate Together in Electric Dreams, a session on the present and future of artificial intelligence within Open Score, an art and technology symposium. Panelists included Sondra Perry, Ian Cheng, Katherine Cross, and Patricia Reed. Video Documentation

February 2017: Speaker on AI and narrative chatbot design at Pomegranate, morning salon series for women in creative technology, held at the Whitney Museum. Presentations are made; the group gives “women support, critical insight and feedback on their respective explorations.” The group critique was awesome and I so highly recommend this series.

December 2016: Participated in Eyebeam’s Fed Up!, a conversation on social media and democracy with Eyebeam alums and residents and invited guests: Mike Rugnetta, Margarita Noriega, Caroline Sinders, Mushon Zer-Aviv

December 2016 (?): Script for an opera piece I wrote for Decession, evenings of performance held at Volksbühne in April, was performed a second time at Münchner Kammerspiele, DE. The opera script is about the history of fiber-optic technology, among many other things.

December 2016: Participated in panel at Printed Matter for the launch of Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke’s wondrous 3D Additivist Cookbook

September 2016: Spoke briefly at first New York edition of Bay Area-born Living Room Light Exchange with Jan Robert Leegte and Robert Yang.

January 2016: Interviewed for The Conversation Project with Brett Wallace, “a series of interviews with influencers in the contemporary art world that examines career trajectories, values and production.” Interview is not up yet, but will be at: http://www.conversationprojectnyc.com/


California Imaginary, a show I curated at Industry Lab in Cambridge as their artist-in-residence, was up from September to October. California Imaginary was a group show opening at Industry Lab with a run of six weeks. It featured artists both international and local who chose to grapple with the theme: investigating the significant role California plays in our cultural imaginary. The show hosted an  expressive group of films, digital art, paintings, and game art that best captured the subsidiary themes, from hazy subcultures to the architecture and noir underbelly of Los Angeles, to critiques of free-market neoliberal Californian Ideology.


Yoko Honda (Japan)
Jaakko Pallasvuo and MSL (Finland)
Marguerite Kalhor (CA)
Ryan Kuo (MA)
Matt Legrand (MA)
Jennifer Remenchik (CA)
Hirad Sab (Iran)
Mark Sabb (CA)
Alec Sturgis (NC)
Anna Zett (Germany)



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